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They smile as they change your faces;

With no regard to you at all/And you find they treat you like a paper doll

Victoria Reynolds
14 December
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I N F O;

Name; Victoria Reynolds
Nickname; Ria
Age; 18
DOB; December 14
Zodiac; Sagittarius
eyes; hazel
hair; purple
languages; English, French, a little latin.
religion; wicca
abilities; Paper. Talismans and playing cards, and a few other things of the sort. She's always got a book with her of prepared papers, just in case, in addition to tarot cards.

P E R S O N A L I T Y;

Ria is a little shy at first glance, being home schooled most of her life and a little unsure of herself as a result. She apologizes when she thinks she's made a mistake, and she gets upset easily. However, beyond that she's dedicated to her cause, and quick in battle. She knows from years of training what could happen if she hesitates.

She will help an Angel, even if they have attacked her not ten seconds before. She doesn't believe in letting people die. She just wishes they'd change their minds. See that humanity really isn't so horrible.

H I S T O R Y;

Ria was always aware of what part she'd play in the end of the world. She grew up in a secluded part of Canada, and was, essentially learned and studied as a Wiccan. Her mother was an accomplished Wicca, and taught her daughter everything she knew, although Ria never developed the skill for mental charms and always had to have something physical to train her power through. Paper worked well enough as a conduit, and when she wrote specific charms on them, or used playing cards, which always amused her on a level.

When she was seventeen she was called to New York, her contact for the Seals having notified her that the time for change was growing near.

She's been in New York for a year now, trying to track down the Kamui with the rest of the Seals, or those who have assembled, as it were. She's been staying under the pretense of living with her Aunt Jeminine, attending a theatrical school in Manhattan.

D I S C L A I M E R;

.Ria is a creation of my brain. Her personality and characterization are my own. Her face is Maya Misaki from the anime The SoulTaker which is owned by Pioneer and ADV and all those fun people. The X/1999 theme was created by the lovely ladies of CLAMP. This is all for worldresolution.